The fundamental purpose of a 3D printer is to quickly transform an idea into a physical object.

  • Your idea is usually first embodied in a 3D computer model created in 3D CAD software. Most of these software tools export 3D models as files in standard formats for 3D printing.
  • ZPrint technology breaks your CAD design into very thin layers (jpeg files). This is done automatically by the software and requires no input from the user. The ZPrint software sends these layers to the ZPrinter, to be “printed”.
  • The machine has a build area, where your design is produced. On the build “bed”, a layer of composite powder is spread. The layer is 0.004 inch (0.1 mm) thin. After the layer is spread, an ink jet head moves across the build bed, and wherever a solid is in located in that specific layer (jpeg) of your CAD file, the ink jet head applies a precise amount of binder to solidify the powder, and replicates the solid structure in your CAD file.
  • When the build is completed, the unused powder is easily vacuumed off the build bed, to be recycled for another build. What remains is your CAD design, which if desired, can be further strengthened, by applying the ZBond epoxy sealant. This process is very simple, and requires the application of our epoxy style resin, through dipping, painting, or any method you may prefer.
  • The unused ZBond is also recycled for use on another build. The finished part is extremely strong, and can be threaded, mounted, water resistant, or used as a working prototype.
  • If you require colour in your design, the right ZPrinter will utilize coloured binders to create what you desire. As well, text, pictures, or annotations can be added to the design to label the part, or to signal areas of interest or instructions to the viewer.
Sample of CAD Software Producing
3D Printing-ready Files
3D Studio Max® MicroStation®
3D Studio Viz® Mimics®
AutoCAD® Raindrop GeoMagic®
Bentley TriformaTM RapidFormTM
Blender® RasMol®
CATIA® Revit®
COSMOS® Rhinoceros®
Form Z® SketchUp®
Inventor Solid Edge®
LightWave 3D® SolidWorks
Maya® VectorWorks®