Mechanical Design
Black & Decker
  • Black n DeckerPainted 3D Systems model of a
    DeWALT Auto Leveling Transit
  • Black & Decker Energizes Product Development, Improves Aesthetics, Ergonomics with ZPrinter 310 Concept Models The Black & Decker Corporation (NYSE: BDK) is a leading global manufacturer of quality power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology-based fastening systems.
    Headquartered in Towson, Maryland, the company’s Power Tools and Accessories Division produces consumer power >

  • tools, accessories, electric lawn and arden tools, and electric cleaning and lighting products under the Black & Decker® brand, and high-performance power tools, accessories, industrial equipment, laser products, and air compressors under the DEWALT®, Porter-Cable®, and Delta® brands. With record-setting sales of $5.4 billion in 2004, the company markets its products and services in more han 100 countries around the world.

  • Black & Decker
    Leading global manufacturer of power tools, hardware, home improvement products, fasteners, and accessories with more than $5 billion in annual sales.
  • Challenge
    Need for fast, costeffective production of early concept models.
  • Solution
    ZPrinter 310 system is fast, affordable and easy to use.
  • Results
    Shorter design cycles, improved product aesthetics and ergonomics.
AEC (Architectural Engineering Construction)
Henning Larsen Architects
  • Black n Decker3D Model of Reykjavik Concert and Conference Centre.Interior printed on a ZPrinter 450
  • 3D printing helps world-class Danish architects win business and communicate their vision Architects are trained to think in 3D, and with the help of new technology, they are improving their ability to communicate in the same terms. To impress a potential client or competition jury, it helps to have a finely detailed architectural model to communicate concepts clearly. It also helps to have detailed 3D models throughout the entire design phase of a new project to correct engineering problems early on.

    The challenge has traditionally been the time and expense of model making, especially when innovative designs use complex shapes and forms.

  • Until recently, Henning Larsen Architects (HLA) of Copenhagen, Denmark, was no exception to the challenge. The world-renowned architectural firm, however, has discovered an entirely new technology that changes the architectural modeling game – 3D printing. A 3D printer creates a detailed physical object from 3D design data much as an office printer creates documents from word-processing files.

  • Challenge
    Together with Jørn Utzon (designer of the Sydney Opera House), HLA founder Henning Larsen has helped establish Denmark as a leader in contemporary architecture.
  • Solution
    But build time is only one consideration when creating a model. Another is precision, which is where the ZPrinter 450 has really benefitted Henning Larsen.

    “Whether it’s a competition or a project bid, there’s limited opportunity to get ideas across, so we need all the help we can get,” says Steffensen. “Thanks to 3D printing, our models are more refined and more precise, which gives us an advantage. There’s no doubt that beautiful models help us win commissions.”
  • Results
    Government mandates require more models
Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS)
  • Black n Decker3D Printing Helps Students UnderstandHow Designs Translate to the Real World
  • School Turns Classroom Into Simulated Workplace with 3D Printing Staten Island Technical High School (SITHS), a selective New York school for aspiring engineers, aggressively immerses its 900 students in the technologies they will use in their careers. After passing a challenging entrance exam, students take a rigorous required curriculum that includes technical drawing, electronics

  • computer-aided design, computer science, networking and a healthy dose of liberal arts. Graduation rates approach 100 percent, and students regularly go on to the Ivy League, military academies and elite technology universities. From the moment students set foot in SITHS hallways, they “speak the language of engineering.”

  • Challenge
    Making the learning environment mirror the professional engineering world, including enabling all students to turn their designs into physical prototypes
  • Solution
    Using low-cost 3D printing to engage students, teach a closedloop design process, and help students advance
  • Results
    Students more deeply understand the implications of their design decisions
Sora Technology Corporation
  • Black n Decker1/1,000 scale 3D printed model of Kawagoe, Japan in 24 pieces
  • Tokyo firm transforms photos into highly accurate landscape models with 3D Systems 3D printer As powerful as Google Earth is, when you try to reach out and touch a location, your hand bumps up against the glass of a flat computer screen. You’re still in 2D..

    A Tokyo firm is stepping through the glass and into the third dimension by creating highly accurate 3D physical maps of virtually any location on the planet.

  • When you reach out and touch a Sora Technology Corporation landscape, not only are you seeing the precise contours of the land, building or waterway itself, you’re feeling them as well.

  • Challenge
    Transforming virtual 3D images into physical three dimensional models for maximum impact on the viewer.
  • Solution
    3D printing with the Spectrum Z®510 full-color 3D printer.
  • Results
    • The company has grown its business significantly by offering 3D printing services.

    • 3D printed landscapes cost one-third that of handcrafted models and take hours instead of weeks to create.
JPAC - A US Department of Defense
  • Black n Decker
  • ZPrinting Helps Lab Identify POW/MIA Remains JPAC is printing 3D models of skulls from CT scans to refine forensics techniques — specifically, skull photographic superimposition — for identifying remains from the Korean War and other conflicts. Skull photographic superimposition is used in support of traditional identification techniques such as dental records, fingerprints, X-ray and biological profile comparisons.

  • This work promises to lead to more events like JPAC’s recent positive identification of a Korean War soldier killed in 1950. Skull photographic superimposition generally involves projecting images of unidentified skulls onto photographs of known soldiers to evaluate potential matches. It is especially helpful in cases where DNA is not available. The ZPrinter® multicolor 3D printer from 3D Systems is central to refining the practice, enabling JPAC to ZPrint the CT scans of living people’s skulls.

  • Challenge
    Matching remains to the identities of missing service personnel, and refining the technique of skull photographic superimposition.
  • Solution
    Using a 3D printer to print skull models from CT scan data.
  • Results
    Personnel in JPAC’s Central Identification Laboratory are refining methods for matching remains with photographs.
Entertainment/The Arts
Art Center College of Design
  • Black n Decker
  • Students Use ZPrinters to Produce Hundreds of Models per Month Graduates of Art Center College of Design thrive when they hit the workforce. They emerge from the 1,400-student school based in Pasadena, Calif., USA., having designed and prototyped dozens of projects in advertising, environmental design, fi lm, fi ne art, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, media design, photography and imaging, product

  • design and transportation design programs. Assignments and deadlines at Art Center intentionally simulate the rigors of the real world and sometimes entail a late night, early morning or both. As alumna Akino Tsuchiya puts it, “Hard work, lack of sleep and tight competition is the reality of the school. But all of this was worth it because of the skill, knowledge and confidence I gained.

  • Challenge
    Providing students who face tight deadlines a way to aff ordably and quickly produce highquality prototypes of their designs
  • Solution
    Investing in three 3D printers from 3D Systems, maker of the world’s fastest 3D printers and only ones capable of printing in multiple colors
  • Results
    ‘ZPrinting’ is the most popular prototyping method on campus by alarge margin
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  • A.C Davis High School
  • AGH University of Science and Technology
  • Anchor Bay High School
  • Art Center College of Design (Customer Story)
  • Art Institute of Philadelphia
  • Art Institute of Seattle
  • Bamberg Ehrhardt High School
  • Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Tech High School
  • Cal Poly State University
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Century High School
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  • Concordia University
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  • FH Salzburg
  • Franklin High School
  • Fraunhofer Institute
  • Fripp Design Limited
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  • Aarhus Hospital
  • Arthrex Mfg. Inc.
  • Chirana-Dental s.r.o.
  • Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • Cook Vascular Inc.
  • Crosstrees Medical Inc.
  • Exactech
  • Facet Technologies
  • Fox Hollow Technologies
  • Hanger Orthopedic Group
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  • Avid Technology
  • CyberView LLC
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Fxperts
  • Hester Studios
  • JuJups
  • Objects Industries
  • Rethink All Media
  • Walt Disney Imagineering
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